Robert B – Hackettstown, NJ

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How many schools let the kids sled during recess?  Their full day Kindergarten gets a rocket launch in the spring and there is a nature studies teacher on staff with a separate building to house all the critters …  The high point of our son’s time there was Mrs. Myra Akel.  Do anything to get in her class!  She is a former G& T teach and had the entire class of 4 & 5 year olds reading by years end.  Our son is now at the top of his class …


Simon B – Long Valley, NJ

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Our daughter is in her second year of Pre-K and loves every day at school. She attends 3 mornings a week and we are happy with the progress she is making learning letters and numbers. The teachers are warm and welcoming. We were really excited to sit through part of a class on her birthday and read stories to the kids. The nature class is one of best things, and obviously the kids benefit from the fabulous country setting. The end of year fun day was a wonderful event that all the Valley Brook staff put on, with lots of activities and food to enjoy!